Many Worlds










   Artistic Concept:


Oil 1 – Many Worlds ( of Everett [1930-1982] )

2007 - ( 50 x 50 cm )


   Scientific Concept:


     The interpretation of many-worlds can be applied to both area of ​​Philosophy and Physics and consists in a formulation of the existence of a Multiverse with simultaneous permanence in time. This interpretation, suggested by Quantum Mechanics, proposes the existence of multiple Parallel Universes, and was first time formulated by Hugh Everett.

      Although several versions of the Many Worlds Theory have been proposed since the original work of Everett, all share two key ideas: The first one corresponds to the existence of a state function or equation for the entire Universe, which follows a very fundamental formula of physics, specifically in the area of ​​quantum mechanics, which is the Schrödinger equation. The second idea shows that this function state is universal and multidimensional, generalizing that all the events that happens corresponds to a quantum superposition of several states, possibly infinite, which constitute the entire range of probabilities of our actions with all possible options that would occur in the whole multiple universe, simply assuming that all these parallel universes exist independently and do not communicate with each other. Being banned this perception, each observer is only aware of its own reality ... unless there is some possibility to establish a 'phone line' with these parallel worlds ...

“ - To be able to speak properly about the 'forms' of time it would be necessary to be above Time in order to observe it better, as if we were an outside observer of the Universe, only this could assume the hypothesis of obtaining a global view of the Fundamental Time and unmask this Conspiracy of Time. (...)

   With no more time to waste, the Professor began his speech. His brown eyes were shining bright, intensely diluted in a deep mystery, and his face, usually pale and white, was now flushed and excited. The result was a beautiful atmosphere in which thought flows with graceful freedom.

   People like Ruben Klein live in a mental world in which one can only peek with admiration!

 - You have to follow me closely. - said. - I will oppose one or another fundamental idea that is universally accepted. For the moment, forget everything you learned, everything teachers have taught you so far and start thinking for yourselves. I advise you to build a new thinking model right from the start.

   And so he proceeded openly, direct to the point, and without suspense.

- Basically I'm going to show you that Reality is not even Real!”.


 – ‘The Travel in Time – 21 Solutions for 21 Questions of the XXI century Physics’ – Vol. I - C. P. Fournier


   Literary Concept:


Those who are not able to reborn again, will not see the kingdom of God (...)

Those who are born from flesh are flesh

and those who are born of spirit are spirit.

Book of S. John (3,3-7)



Beyond this world there are other worlds.”



We dream that another world is possible and it becomes a reality the possibility of that other world.”



“ The distinction between Past, Present and Future is only a tenuous

 and persistent illusion.”



The universe is not only stranger than we suppose;

it is stranger than we can assume.”



“There are more mysteries between heaven and earth, than those which are dreamed with our vain philosophy.”



“Smile, and look calmly behind to the illusion of the world.”



The limits of science are like the horizon;

the more we approach them, the more they retreat.”



“Only with art we can create new worlds.”



I live in a very small house but my windows open to a very big world.”



The body was born slave, but the soul is born free.”