Golden Spiral

Leonardo da Vinci








   Artistic Concept:


Oil 2 – Golden Spiral ( of Leonardo da Vinci [1452-1519])

2007 - ( 30 x 30 cm )


Scientific Concept:


     The Golden Spiral takes us to the world of art and mathematics revealing a number of gold and showing how with it is possible to draw a perfect curve or line, so beautiful that the mathematicians decided to call it the Golden Spiral. Since this is an irrational number, it is, therefore, endless and infinitely magical. Its presence can be revealed in Nature, in Anatomy, Greek Architecture and in the world of Art. This number reveals an harmonious measure, a special and perfect proportion, which was named after various different names, divine and golden, being symbolized by a Greek letter, the letter Fi: φ = 1.618, as a way to homage the Greek architect and sculptor Fídias, who used the golden ratio in his works, especially in his most famous work, the 'Parthenon' in Athens.

     The golden ratio is an harmonious division that is obtained from a segment AB which is divided into two parts, AC and CB. The number Fi, the proportion of gold, comes from the division of the biggest measure on the smallest, (A________C____B ) , of which,  the segment AB/AC = AC/CB = φ. The golden rectangle it is constructed from these measures, with length AB and width CB, which, from an aesthetic point of view, seems to be the most perfect rectangle, and the one which expresses more beauty and harmony.

     This fascinating number is known as the mathematical key of universal harmony and can appear implicitly inscribed on sea-shells and aquatic animals, such as a unique species of cephalopods, the nautilus, and equally present in divisions of perfect squares. This search for patterns and correspondence between Mathematic and Nature has always attracted great interest and attention for mankind. Given the enigmatic nature, this number has passionate innumerous researchers and curious men and also both artists and scientists.

     Leonardo da Vinci has been considered as one of the greatest geniuses in human history, given the multitude talents he possessed, both in the field of Art and Science. A multiple personality of creation: Painter, engineer, architect, writer, scientist, anatomist, inventor, sculptor and designer, most of his works were recorded in notebooks. There are about 13.000 pages that contain a myriad of sketches, notes and drawings of the author. These drawings were dedicated to what he liked to do best: observe carefully the world around him and describe it with lines, giving form to this ideas through drawing. For this Genius the observation was the main way of knowledge and the only way to achieve real science. Leonardo lived in full Renaissance in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and expressed better than anyone the spirit of that time.

     The Renaissance is known as the time of the Humanists, a distinct era which established a new dialogue and a new route, bringing together the passion for Knowledge and the love for Art. Humanism is characterized by enormous progress in fine arts, sciences and human laws. But it is undoubtedly Leonardo da Vinci who better represents this epic time and the fusion between art and science. Perhaps his best known works are the portrait of Lisa del Giocondo (Mona Lisa), the fresh painting of the Last Supper, and also known the Vitruvius Man, whose study of human proportions emphasize the divine measure. Also the number of gold seems to have inspired this singular artist, a polymath, who tried to conceive a relationship and union between mathematics, anatomy and art.



   Literary Concept:


“Everything that is in the plan of reality

has been one day only a dream.”



“First, do not let yourself to be perturbed,

because everything happens according to the laws of the universal nature

 and soon you will no longer exist.”



“One must keep in mind that life is continuously spent

as it decreases the time that we lack.”



‘The hero must remain undisturbed.’



“Dream as if you lived forever.

Live as if you were to die today.”



“Whether you can or dream that you can do it, get it started!

Audacity has genius, strength and magic in itself.”



“When you have fulfilled your duty, you still have left another:

 be pleased with yourself.”



May you live in an interesting time.”