Butterfly Effect








   Artistic Concept:


Oil 3 – Butterfly Effect( of Lorenz [1917-2008] )

2007 - ( 50 x 60 cm )


Scientific Concept:


     ‘It is very difficult to make predictions, especially if it is about the future'. This popular adage is regarded as an acquired knowledge and where the future is considered as the greatest of the unknowns.

     The Butterfly Effect reflects the consequences of a theory that deals with phenomena of great unpredictability, turbulence, chaos and uncertainty; characteristic of certain science groups and complex dynamic systems, such as, for example, Meteorology.

     This effect was first discussed in 1963 by Edward Lorenz, whose theory presented assumes that the flapping of a butterfly can influence the natural course and physical evolution of an entire non linear system, as it is the case of a weather system, with a highly indeterministic behavior and also deeply complex, given the large number of variables that is necessary to consider if we want to carry out a rigorous definition of the initial conditions of the atmospheric system. To this purpose, would be imperative to define and catalog the exact position, speed and direction, of all particles that make up the atmospheric system, besides being necessary to take into account all of the many external variables that affect this sensitive system, such as: solar wind, movement, translation / rotation of the Earth, Coriolis Force; movement of leaves on the trees, smoke and other gases emitted into the atmosphere; any other small atmospheric turbulence ... etc., etc. As it is virtually impossible to frame in one single equation all of these variables, the only alternative and possibility was to start working with statistical and probability models, thus mean, working with Chaos in a more deterministic way through stochastic processes. Chaos theory emerges then as the only theory able to focus on studying and understanding these complex, unstable and dynamic systems.

     The Butterfly Effect aims to highlight the idea that the smallest change in the initial conditions of a given dynamical system, in this case, the mere flapping of a butterfly, can be enough to change the entire and complete physical behavior of the system. A minimal disturbance, which impact may culminate in the formation of storms and cause the onset of a hurricane on the other side of the world.

     This sensitive dependence on initial conditions demonstrates the great degree of unpredictability of these sciences, in which the smallest of changes can have profound impacts, creating a domino effect and leading to consequences of unimaginable proportions.

     Very interestingly, a closer inspection shows us what happens when these chaotic motions are analyzed and defined through graphics. What the graphic design shows is that the initial representation of a random movement becomes standardized. After a series of markings and overlays the graph begins to form an image, a default, which after assess, amazingly seems to have the shape of a butterfly!



      Literary Concept:


“ …An intelligence knowing all the universal variables at a specific given time, could compose in a single mathematical formula the unification of all the movements of the Universe. Consequently, it will no longer exist for this intelligence the past or the future, as in the eyes of this entity all the events

would be the result of the present moment



“Time brings the best perspective.”



“Fate can often surprises us, but on the other hand,

 we are also able to surprise Destiny



“The secret of the world is that all things subsist and do not die,

but just disappear from view for a while.”



“One who suppresses a moment of anger can prevent one day of regret



“Carpenters shape the wood;

The archers mould arrows;

The wise-men models themselves



“In anger, nothing should be more convenient than silence



“ Laugh – If you are wise.”



“If I take a wrong decision, soon I will take a new one



“At certain times men are masters of their own destinies



“Time and patience are more powerful than the strength and passion