Cubes and Dimensions







   Artistic Concept:


Oil 4 – Cubes and  Dimensions ( of Kaluza-Klein [1885-1954 / 1894-1977] )

2007 - (  50 x 43 cm )


Scientific Concept:


      The idea of living in an imaginary Universe with more dimensions is not new. Many theories have tried to explore these concepts. The Theory of Strings was one of them. For this theory to be viable our Universe should have more than three dimensions, at least ten. In this Universe, the extra dimensions would not be visible, or they would not be perceived by us, in that case, these dimensions should be extremely small, so that, they were consider to be rolled. This rolled and small size dimensions would be much more difficult to detect than the larger size and extended dimensions, which are evident to us, the so familiar three spatial dimensions.

     But our Universe may very well have much more dimensions than what it seems at first sight. And a new dimension will be, therefore, a new direction in space and time!

     The multi-dimensions of the Strings Theory had its initial inspiration from the theory of two mathematicians: Kaluza and Klein. In 1919, Kaluza sent a paper to Einstein with an explosive suggestion. Proposing that the space tissue could have more than the three common dimensions! Beyond those dimensions which we all know and that are provided by our physical senses and by our perceptions, there would be in our space tissue a fourth dimension!

     If our Universe had a total of five dimensions, four for space and one of time, it would be possible to get a combination of unification between the Theory of General Relativity and the Electromagnetic Theory of Maxwell in a single common formalism.

      Thinking that there may be more dimensions out there might be something with a peculiar sense, more or less bizarre. After all, what is the meaning of this new dimension? Our three known dimensions are defined by the three possible directions of movement allowed in a spatial area, which are what we usually call of: left-right dimension, front-back dimension, and up-down dimension. These are the three possible spatial movements, accompanied always by a dimension of time, which is, the future-past dimension.

     A new dimension implies and provides the existence of a direction independent of all the others, therefore, it can be consider as a new movement, a different way of experiencing and crossing the space and time!

     But even if the Universe contains an extra spatial dimension, such direction will reflect a physical concept rather difficult to conceive and to understand in our intellect. There are certain concepts which can only be perceived through mental abstractions.

     On the other side, we cannot simply deny the existence of other possible dimensions. The concepts between what we believe that the world is and the concepts of what they really are, it will always be very speculative and controversial, subject of numerous descriptions and interpretations.

      There is a difference between what we can give as a definition of real and what is the exact essence of reality.

      Wised would be the modesty that would advocate a view more undefined rather than defined about the dimensions of the Universe. Our senses only serve to excite the reason, to provide us the good sense, to indicate and to testify, but they cannot see and know everything. The truth does not come from the physical senses, except a small part of it.”.

- ‘The Travel in Time - 21 Solutions for 21 Questions of the XXI century Physics’ – Vol. I - C. P. Fournier.



    Literary Concept:


To the few who love me and whom I love, to those who feel more than think,

 to the dreamers and to all of those who put their faith in dreams as their only realities.”



“Know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.”



“Today, I could not conceive most attention to my suspicion,

since now it is no time to act, but only to meditate and to know.”



“One world at a time.”



“I know no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life

through a conscious effort.”



"I say that the whole Universe is infinite because it has no end, no limit, or surface.

 I also say that the Universe is not infinite

because all the parts that it can take is finite,

and of the innumerable worlds which contains each one of it is also finite."

-  Philotheus, character in 'About the infinity of the sky ' –