Artistic Concept:


Oil 6 – Heart ( of Mandelbrot [1924-2010] )

2008 - ( 40 x 50 cm )


   Scientific Concept:


     The fractal word comes from the Latin adjective fractus which means breaking. These new models of geometric figures were born to enrich and beautify the entire branch of Mathematics.

     The study area of ​​fractal objects, multifractals, and fractal geometry is a relatively new science founded in the late 70 years of the XX century by the French mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot, a new science which has made extraordinary progress over the past two decades. Many contemporary disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Meteorology, Astrophysics, etc., can no longer give up this new science as a way to improve their own specific studies, in order to reveal some more secrets of Nature.

     As a fractal object, this Mandelbrot image, when studied with higher resolution, presents a limitless number of replicas of the same set ad infinitum. This characteristic that all fractal objects possess, in which the same geometric shape is repeated, displaying a repetitive structural formation, is a property that is defined as self-similarity.

     The contemplation of fractal geometry is reflected in several objects and images of nature that are build with fractal patterns. Apparently, it is possible to use fractals to reproduce everything, from the shoreline of a continent to the contours of an alpine forest. And so we have a vision of a fractal Universe where everything is filled in by natural patterns that combine and repeat themselves, constituting an increasing complexity. However, its fundamental essence can be reduced to simplicity. This vision of a fractal cosmos using the same standard images in order to define everything that exists, contributing with its aesthetic qualities, balance and symmetry, are an inspiration for artists, mathematicians, philosophers and physicists.

     Most of fractals have a natural origin or can also be artificial, just like this 'Heart of Mandelbrot' generated by computer through informatics and mathematical algorithms. The random fractals, can display various and adorable pictures, recreating a range of exotic images, consisting of a set of shapes and colors with excellent harmony that reveal all the art of this geometry which is simply lovely. The seduction by fractal geometry has conquered not only the hearts of scientists and artists but writers as well. To paraphrase Fernando Pessoa: "The Mandelbrot set is as beautiful as the Venus of Milo.”. 

     The reference to all these natural or artificial objects is that they can be considered as systems, in the sense that they can be formed by many distinct parts, while separated but interconnected in someway, describing and revealing a common feature called fractal dimension, defining a rule of articulation and a generalized pattern always present in all fractional sizes. In both cases, in this geometry there is an intimate relationship with Nature, with Physics, but mainly with Mathematics.




    Literary Concept:


“Reduce to silence the outside world

so that  the inner world can bring you the vision.”



“If you do not go through the inside, you will be left on the outside.”



“At every instant we must sacrifice what we are to what we may become.”



“Acting is a continuous creation.”



“Your life is your work of art.”



“If you ever happen having to change yourself to please others, certainly it is because you have lost your life project.”



“Do what you believe and believe in what you are doing.”



“He who knows others is a wise man;

He who knows himself is enlightened.”



“True knowledge comes from within.”



“Nobody can conceive a thing so well and make its own creation when it is learned from another,

 instead of inventing itself.”



“What lies behind us and what lies in front of us are small things

 when compared to what lies within us.”