Artistic Concept:


Oil 12 – Zen ( of Rothko  [1903-1970] )

2009 - ( 40 x 60 cm )


   Scientific Concept:


     The Taoist teachings are rich in paradoxes, perhaps the most celebrated is the one of Chuang Tzu and the 'Butterfly Dream'. These tales describe the wise man as someone humble, condescending, spontaneous and free. Taoism emphasize the interdependence of opposite concepts, duality and complementarity of yin and yang, masculine and feminine, light and shadow, movement and quietness...

     This Chinese symbol, the Tao, represents the Way, the essence of knowledge and wisdom; it is the mysterious order of Heaven and Earth; Being and Nothingness; the Void and Full ... The fundamental reality is based on the interdependence of the opposite terms, of its opposition and combination, of qualitative and quantitative knowledge, in which, without the understanding of one is not possible to understand the other. In Taoist philosophy neither is more important than the other, in fact, neither can exist without the other, since they complement each other.

     On the convergence of the mystical traditions and modern science we can see that there are many coincidences and many common views about the fundamental fact that underlies us, in which it is assumed a common perspective between religion and science. There should always be a spiritual component in science, because if science is to declare that the mathematical world is the only reality, then, implicitly puts into question the value of any spiritual reality.

     In fact, scientific theories are shaped not only by our perception of the outside world but also by the aesthetic sensibilities and personal insights of the scientist himself, such as mathematical beauty, the elegance of a formula or a theory, its simplicity and consistency. The ultimate goal of science is not only perceive the outside world through the senses, but to build a model of order and harmony, complete and comprehensive, which absorbs the world and the Universe and that fits perfectly into a connection between the facts perceived, the mind of a scientist, and reality.

     It can be difficult to find such a fundamental formula, a generalized response... but the fact is, there can’t be all kinds of formulas. Describing the evolution and structure of the fundamental laws of Nature and physical reality is only possible through a common language, accurate, and free of errors and ambiguities. The equations that describe physical processes are based on a single language. This language is Mathematics, only with it we are able to organize and configure a variety of variables and encompass them into a whole, using equations. The apparent simplicity of an equation can translate and predict the astonishing complexity and harmony of an organized Nature. All Nature obeys to a rational and logical sense, and we humans covenant with it, since we were granted the same property of rationality.




   Literary Concept:


What is amazing is not the complexity of the world, but instead,

 that this world can be understandable.”



The same true way as the mystic, the scientist also follows a light ...

 and it does not attend to be a false or inferior light.”



While the head is lost in continuous enchainment of logic and pros and cons, intuition has long made its decision.”



No major scientific development have been possible without

the inspiration and intuitive analysis.”



“There is no logical path to the discovery of the laws of the Universe.

The only way is the intuition.”



The great mind is something to express, and not something to understand.

A great mind is something you have, not something you look for.”



Be a man and don't follow me, but thee! Only you!”



Do what you can with what you have, wherever you are.”



Live in harmony with the laws of Nature and you will never be poor.”



When you trust in yourself, you will know how to live.”



“Being calm is correct. Start correctly and you will stay calm. Remain calm and you are correct. The correct way to be calm is to forget the correct way.

Is to forget that the path is calm.”



Zen is your quotidian thought.”