The Code of the Universe




































   Artistic Concept:


Oil 13 – The Code of the Universe ( of Fournier )

2010 - ( 70 x 100 cm )


   Scientific Concept:


     The concept of imagination is usually restricted in respect the mental capacity of an individual to create, relate, or build up ideas. This process developed is known as creativity, whose term is derived from the Latin 'imaginatio', a word that symbolizes the artistic and intellectual capacity.

     In a sense, this creative force is a mental process of representation of things that are not immediately perceived by our conscientious senses. The designer of imagination had to travel a long journey of inspiration in which he related several variables to be able to reach and create its imagined conclusion. Although in this whole process the concept of imagination and inspiration can be confusing, it is actually quite simply to explain it: the imagination process is conscious while the inspiration is unconscious.

     According to the theory of Eduardo Punset, this neuroscientist describes the process of creativity in a particular and interesting way: In general, people follow other people just because there are many people going in that direction. However, a creative person decides to be independent. For example, if a creative person sees that everyone is moving in the same direction, then he or she decides to move exactly the opposite way, not accepting the majority direction as the correct one.

     The creator thinks: 'I have my own idea and maybe my idea is better'. A creative person thinks in differently from the typical or common people, although this attitude sometimes entails its consequences.

     You must know that when we have a creative idea, a new idea, others will not accept it easily. In a way, it is necessary and even essential to apply some effort to try to demonstrate that our idea is valid and that it may bring some advantage. In practice, the creator is simply trying to convince others that his idea may be, perhaps, a better idea. So, the author of a new idea develops all the necessary skills so that his new idea is not immediately rejected and neglected. Considering that, at least, a new idea deserves to be part of the discussion.

     Although there is only one substantial difference, which is that the creator deeply believes in what he has created...



‘The Throne is a privileged place,

a place where an emperor contemplates what is of his creation

...the pyramids of his sacred kingdom.‘







   Literary Concept:


“ I’m tired of being modern. I want to be eternal.”



“ Something is only impossible until someone doubts, and proves the opposite.”



“ If the facts do not fit the theory, then you should change the facts.”



“ Theoretically possible, infinitely difficult.”



“ God wants, the man dreams, and the work is born.”



“ Nothing grandiose was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”



“ It is very important that man has ideas,

without them we can't go anywhere.”



“ Life is like a sculpture. It is a question of being capable to see what others do not see

and then, latter, with a chisel, take of what surplus.”



“ Because I'm the size of what I see,

not the size of my height.”



“ The creative process begins with a thought - idea, concept, visualization -. Nothing exists in the world without having first existed as a single thought.”



“ Genius is the ability to reduce what’s complicate to something simple.”



“ Talent is when a shooter hits a target that others cannot.

Genius is when a shooter hits a target that others cannot even see.”