Human Specie








   Artistic Concept:


Oil 16 – Human Specie / Sapiens, Homo ( of Michelangelo [1475-1564]  )

2009 - ( 70 x 100 cm )


   Scientific Concept:


      Since there are human beings, that we continue to search for our place in the Cosmos. The first of our species, our ancestors looked idly at the stars, contemplating the deep sky. The astronomy of ancient Maya reveals an intellectual feat equivalent to the ancient Egyptian geometry and Greek philosophy.

     Without telescopes or other devices, these devoted astronomers calculated the Earth's orbit around the Sun with extreme precision, understood time and seasons, gave exact definition for solstices and equinoxes, including a strange cosmic alignment for 2012 that would culminate in an Apocalypse! They lived completely obsessed by the heavens, in tune with the cycles of the Moon and Venus and were the first forerunners of an ancient Mayan calendar, believed by many today as more accurate than our present Gregorian calendar.

     Early in that time, the same questions involved us: Where are we? Who are we? Where are we going? What is our destiny? "There are many worlds or just one?”. This is one of the most noble and uplifting questions to the understanding of Nature, posed by Alberto Magno in the XIII century, a Dominican friar who, in his words, believed that faith does not contradict reason.

     It is today very clear that we live about 30.000 light years from the center of the Galaxy, on the fringes of a spiral arm. As far as we know, there may be those who live on a planet beyond. The numerous discoveries of new planets raise the possibility that there may be those who inhabit some other worlds in a galaxy far far away ... or perhaps not!

     Has a huge disaster, described in many myths of ancient civilizations, some sense? Ancient scriptures reveal cosmic cycles associated with the fall of meteorites, violent earthquakes, and a giant flood that will culminate in the extinction of a large part of the fauna and flora of our planet, ending in an unbearable cold season for mankind, a frozen embrace of a new ice age!

     Is mankind the result of a 'Cosmic tuning'? Where are the other technologically advanced civilizations?

     What is our destiny? Are we alone? Really alone?! In this wide immensity of space and time … Is it possible that we are the only ones  - or beings -  who think in this Universe?! As Carl Sagan would say: “The Cosmos may be densely populated with intelligent life, but the lesson of Darwin is clear: there are no humans elsewhere. Only here. Only in this small planet. We are as rare as an endangered species, each one of us, at a cosmic point of view, is precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find any another.”.


– ‘Travel to the Horizon of the Extinction – Day XXI, month 12 of the year 2012’ –

Vol. II – C. P. Fournier



   Literary Concept:


“ We should find the perfect existence through imperfect existence!”



“ When sometimes I start to think about the men and several discussions of the problems and dangers they are exposed ... I realize that all their misery comes just of one thing: from not knowing to be at peace in a room.”



“ Could all men remember that they are brothers.”



“ Act on a maxim by which you may want it to become a Universal Law.”



“ Who does not punish the evil,

 commands it to be done.”



“ The best book of moral is our consciousness,

it is with it that we should most get advice.”



“ Ain’t there a place for a reason?”



“ I believe in a God who reveals himself in the harmony of what exists

and not in a God who concerns himself with the fate and actions of men.”



“ Believing in God or not,

depends very much on what we understand by God.”



“ The character of a man makes his destiny.”



“ Our dignity lies in our thought. Let us therefore think well.”



“ While you live, continue to learn how to live.”