The Defeat








   Artistic Concept:


Oil 17 – The Defeat  ( of  Clausius  [1822-1888] )

2009 - ( 70 x 100 cm )


   Scientific Concept:


     Before man could know how to write and speak, or before he could build any formula or words, in a time long before Physics or Literature, man first learned how to paint. Art was the first form of expression of a human being. Among the most primitive of all, came from Europe and Africa, the primitive art, or rock painting, at 20.000 years ago. But between European and African paintings, in prehistoric art one can highlight the richness and expressiveness of Australian rupestrian art, which Aboriginal painting of Kimberley date to 30.000 years ago, or more!

     With this ancient form of expression – the artistic awakening - has emerged the consciousness of the concept of time and the possibility of transmitting a message.

     Messages can arrive from the past, as they may also come from the future... The law of non-conservation entropy of Clausius reveals a Universe into motion towards to an end, where, along the way this huge machine that is the whole Universe will exhaust its full potential and reserves of energy, heat and work, towards an eternal posthumous rest, merciless and irreversible.

     After eighteen years of investigation, research and efforts around a theory to explain the irreversible transfer of heat, Clausius is faced with an absolutely chilling final discovery about the Laws of the Universe, of life, and of human existence itself. In fact, we do not live in a Universe that encourages and develops in favor of sustaining the diversity of life, but instead we find ourselves in a Universe that exists at the expense of life. Being alive is unnatural, indeed all life exists in defiance, and not in accordance with the most fundamental law of the Universe: the inequation of thermodynamics, which is a measure of the increase of the disorder, ΔSUniverse > 0. The scientific evidence with which this scientist was faced, the theory on which he innocently devoted his entire life, revealed to be his greatest defeat and his most inglorious discovery.

     What Clausius had just discovered was the inevitability of the end. Wishing otherwise would be willing that the entropy of the Universe was not increasing but decreasing. It would imply wishing that the dried leaves of autumn got back together in the branches of trees, looking fresh and green; would mean reversing the order and the laws of Physics and the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

     In the daily battle of existence, the forces of death will always finally silence the forces of life...



   Literary Concept:


“It is useless to cry over spilled milk...

 ...when all the forces of the Universe came together to get it poured!”



“ Because, besides all, the best thing we can do while it rains is to...

…let it rain.”



“ How poor are those who have no patience!

Which wound was healed without being gradually?”



“ What does not kill me makes me stronger.”



 “ Defeats, there are only those which are accepted.”



“ Courage, is the virtue of the beginning.

Patience, is the virtue to begin again.”



“ When a Man has will power, the Gods will give a helping hand.”



“ But it is a stupidity to demand the Gods what we can achieve by ourselves.”



“ Failure breaks the small souls and magnifies the big ones.”



“When you feel tired,

know that you have just achieved half of the way.”



“ The palmy days did not come by chance. They were born of much fatigue

 and of a lot periods in time of despondency.”



 “ Everything comes, if a man knows how to wait.”



“ If a man does not know to which port addresses,

no wind will be favorable.”