Secret Window



























   Artistic Concept:


Oil 19 – Secret Window  ( of Klimt  [1862-1918] )

2010 - ( 50 x 50 cm )


   Scientific Concept:


     Nature constantly provides us images with very different patterns and designs. It seems that everything that exists around us follows a geometry or a multitude of forms. But, in its essence, all forms of Nature are quite simple, and we can easily associated them with circles, triangles, squares, and a whole variety of other composition of these elementary forms in everything we see.

     One of the most beautiful forms of Nature, which plays a key role in the geometric code of the Universe, is a curve that revolves around a central point and gradually moves away from this center, composing an infinite number of orbital revolutions. This curve can be associated with mathematical concepts, such as, Archimedean, Hyperbolic, Logarithmic, or, as it usually is more easily recognized: by the golden curve of Fibonacci. This special form, follows a special course, creating a special effect ... a spiral shape.

     The spiral is a very beautiful shape that is very present in our Cosmos, but we are not always aware of this image. We can see the spirals of Nature everywhere. In fact, this is such a special form which seems to be a standard shape of a good part of the Universe, and also appears to be a constant  icon of inspiration for certain artistic styles, such as the Art Nouveau.

      This harmonious form had a major influence and won a special attention and attraction by certain painters.

     The avant-garde painter Gustav Klimt appears to have been fascinated by the extreme beauty of this form, applying it and highlighting it in a countless number of his paintings. It was this painter who opened the door to a new concept of art and new artistic paths.

     Original, different, with a brilliant and irreverent gift, unique and creative, all his work contained a high degree of sophistication, capacity and technical rigor. Besides that, all his work revealed a breakthrough for its time, a break with tradition and a deliberate revolt against the antiquated conditions of art.

     Klimt found a new way of expressing art, and found a way for new artistic possibilities, namely, the discovery and the fascination of the curves, human body, and the eroticism present in the female form.

     However, this was another misunderstood genius, an artist originally ignored, whose works were considered controversial, surrounded by constant negative criticisms. Only at the turn of the century is that the complete works of this painter came to enjoy a high degree of value and appreciation.



      Literary Concept:


“ Serenity is the secret of true beauty and the true substance of all art.”



“ Too many people, too much requests, lots of things to do;

competent people, busy people, preoccupied...

That is not, at all, living.”



“ The miracle occurs with the serenity of the mind, that settles down

and stays quiet for a moment.”



“ From serenity comes the relax suavity,

it emerges the strength that remains.”



“ Those who are not burdened by the past, nor distracted by the future,

 are living and making better use of their lives;

these are the ones who solved the secret of joy.”



“ Life is too much precious to be sacrificed for what is superfluous and transitory ”



“ The poor long for richness and the rich for paradise, but the wise men

long for a state of tranquility.”



“ Peace comes from within yourself, do not seek it around you.”



“ Our most important experiences

 are our quietest moments.”



“ My greatest wealth is the deep stillness to which I commit myself and grow,

and I achieve what the world cannot take away from me, neither by fire or sword.”



“ In the presence of a quiet mind, the whole Universe surrenders.”