Quantum Abstractions









   Artistic Concept:


Oil 21 – Quantum Abstractions ( of Planck [1858-1947] )

2010 - ( 50 x 50 cm )


   Scientific Concept:


     The role of spiral movement and its energy seems to govern and guide the evolution of Nature itself. This particular form is so universal and repeated that the examples in Nature are far beyond the following:

     We can see the spiral shapes in galaxies, we can see spirals in the orbits of planets, in the movements of the electrons of an atom, we can see spiral patterns in weather systems like typhoons, cyclones, anticyclones, wind and tornadoes, in the circulation of water in whirlpool; there are spiral movements in vortices of smoke particles causing whirlwind, in the direction of circulation of blood in our veins, in the DNA molecule, in the form of a begonia leaf, the blossom of a fetus, at the crown-seeds of a sunflower, on marine shells, and also in the movement of particle collisions caused by accelerators when exposed to strong magnetic fields.

     The frequency with which this form is repeated can even cover the abstract: can be applied to the very formation of matter itself, which represents the most fundamental particles of Nature. Matter can be considered as a result of a stability, a balanced movement, of these vortexes of spiral energy.

     We can also find spirals in the equations of Physics, in the form of their most fundamental constant, which is the speed of light, represented by the letter 'c', whose symbol is a spiral again – although we should note that the subtle sense of motion in Nature has a preference for the left side and a counterclockwise tendency movement -; and also at the very shape of space-time!

     Therefore, it becomes possible to speak in spirals of time. Even time itself follows the path of these spirals, in permanent expansion. While doing so, it creates torsion fields, time fields, moving in cycles throughout the Universe. This new concept is part of a new mathematical theory developed by the mathematician Élie-Joseph Cartan. The Einstein-Cartan theory emerged to explain and justify some of the mystery passages of space and time.

     The reflection of the role of spirals in Nature has been developed by contemporary naturalists but not only. The mystery of spirals is an ancient mystery. For many ancient civilizations, the diversity of life, the distinct paths, the destiny itself, is far beyond a linear form or considered as if life was limited to a straight line drawn in a single direction. The Celts understood the world as a circle or a cycle. Under these graceful forms, spiral and circular, all the power of the Universe and all the forces of Nature tread these spiral roads, moving away, meeting up again, and constantly renewing. For the Celtic imagination Time twists and spins on itself, stating that:"Life is like a spiral and not a straight line, where past and future meet in an infinite present.”.

     The spiral forms which were found in ancient Celtic artifacts express an understanding of the cosmos that venerated the spiral shape. Considering that, the circular forms contain a vital energy, the energy of the movement itself, and of all that exists.


   Literary Concept:


“Art is made to disturb.

Science gives us safety.”



‘Art is used to liberate;

Science to absorb.’



“ In fact, a painter has no other serious enemies

 except their worst paintings.”



“ We have art so that we do not die from the truth.”



“ Beware of the artist who is also intellectual:

It is the artist who is the  spare part.”



“ The design is product of the thought, poetry, and spirit.”



“ To have talent it is necessary

 to be convinced that we have it.”



“ True art has a prophetic power of awakening.”



“ The strength of colors makes the object superfluous.”



“ The truth stops in intelligence;

beauty reaches the heart.”



“ Feeling is the language of the soul.”



“ The beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”