The Guardians







   Artistic Concept:


Oil 22 – The Guardians   ( of  Euler  [1707-1783] )

2009 - ( 50 x 50 cm )


Scientific concept:


     Leonhard Euler was a mathematical genius, now almost unknown to the general public. Born in the XVIII century, Euler was of Swiss origin.

     The scientific life of this scientist was a truly overflowing of inspiration and mathematical productivity of innumerous quality as well of unmatched quantity. Very briefly, he was arguably the most productive mathematician of all time. He has published dozens of books and over 850 scientific articles!

     In fact, there are entire branches of Physics and Mathematics completely founded by Euler. His area of ​​research covered a diverse range of different subjects, conceiving and writing his discoveries at an hallucinating pace, far exceeding that to which a normal human being can even read!

     Among the diverse topics addressed, their fundamental contributions extend to the following areas: analytic number theory, differential and integral calculus, differential equations, topology, graph theory, geometry, algebra, mechanics, hydrodynamics, fluid dynamics, astronomy, etc.

     Euler's contributions are really so huge that it is indeed impossible to refer to this scientist relating him in abstract with the 'theorem of Euler', because Euler's theorem does not exist. The legacy of this mathematician extends almost infinitely, and thus we have: Euler angles, the Euler-Lagrange equation, Euler integrals, the Euler characteristic, the function of Euler, Euler's constant, the Euler line, the products of Euler; the sum of Euler-Maclaurin, etc. And also the resolution of one of the greatest problems of his time, related to the sum of an infinite serie, titled as 'Basel Problem'; ending in his famous Euler's formula for complex numbers: eiπ + 1 = 0.

      It is impossible to identify this mathematician with a single result. Their methods and thinking are genuinely innovative and transcendent.

     Nevertheless, the personal circumstances of the life of this mathematician worsened when the unfortunate fate had made him almost lose his sight. However, he has never felt defeated, and it was later that Euler reached the peak of his career in an explosion of creativity difficult to imagine.

     Incredibly, Euler worked with assistants and with a giant board in his office, where he wrote in big letters that he couldn’t barely see.

     His memory was prodigious, and his scientific production was expanding more and more. During this period, his average scientific productivity was about one scientific paper per week! Including, and ironically, treatises on optics!

   Mathematician, scientist, writer and scientific divulger, pure guardian of wisdom, Euler did not seem from this world!






      Literary Concept:


“ The wisdom of life lies in the elimination of what is not essential.”



“ The art of simplicity consists on eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary can be revealed.”



“ Wisdom is the only wealth that tyrants cannot expropriate.”



“ The wise man says very little but thinks a lot.”



“ Not understanding, sometimes reveals,

 the best understanding.”



“I hate quotations.

Tell me what you know.”



“ Happy the man who carries a high ideal and obeys it.”



“ The wise man must live as he can, if he cannot live as he wants.”



“ The kings, left here on earth their crowns and their scepters,

 The heroes, left their weapons;

But the great spirits, whose glory was in them and not in material things,

took away with them all of their greatness.”



“ No one can shine on the stage of the world

 if it does not shine on the stage of their intelligence.”