Quiet waters







   Artistic Concept:


Oil 23 – Quiet Waters   ( of  Escher  [1898-1972] )

2010 - ( 70 x 100 cm )


   Scientific Concept:


     No doubt that life is indeed an eternal encounter and a missed encounter of people, emotions and feelings. The Greeks used to have three words to define the levels of Love: Eros; Philos and Ágape. Meaning that Eros involves the attraction and sex appeal; Philos contains the affection and friendship; and Agape absorbs the absolute love in its maximum plenitude.

    But there is something curious about the emotion of love, attraction and desire ... we usually always want what we do not have. Is it possible that we love more the desire than to be desired?!

     It is said that passion is excited and inflamed when the lovers face obstacles and are far from each other, as in the love story of Tristan and Isold, and that this state of emotion can last for decades, such as in the love history of Odyssey, with Ulysses and Penelope; and fade when lovers are close by and can enjoy love. Because passion is not fed as a result of the presence, but usually grows by the absence. As a result, the nostalgic and desire emotion experienced is more intense the greater the distance and separation, the more they lack and feel that they want and need each other. So, what do these lovers truly wish?!

     Most ordinary mortals live love as a feeling of inconstancy, stimuli, oscillation and disturbance. However, a healthy love, complete and rewarding tends to get closer to tranquility than suffering. If the feeling is pure and true, then it must be stable and should provide a continuous emotion of peace, security and serenity. A feeling in which reason and emotion exist in balanced quantities. A feeling of harmony and tranquility, capable of generating an emotion so calm and peaceful, very similar to the ones we get  when we come to a safety harbour, or when we find a refuge, shelter; or when we have a prolonged hug; or even when we contemplate a lake of Quiet Watters!

     Because love has different forms… for different people.

     According to the thought of Francesco Alberoni we can say that when we are corresponded the world is full of life, happiness and triumph. We feel that everything is animated by an ascendant force, with a magical energy that pours out an absolute moment of spiritual elevation. To love, grants us the possibility to share of the great breathing of the Universe, makes us a part of its movement and its harmony.

     The nascent state of ‘falling in love’ is an experience of contact with the very sources of life, of immersion in the great flow of the universe, in which seems to be possible the fullness of joy and absolute happiness. Later, romantic love calms down the initial storm of Eros. The intense energy of passion usually falls and is replaced by a sense of security, of complicity and a much deeper union.


     Subjugate or renounce this emotion, avoid sharing it or enjoy it is to live less…

Although this state of soul is unique, and only this feeling gives us a special energy, which can be viewed under two perspectives: this is the emotion that manacles the soul or releases it; makes us slaves or free; that offers us their weakness or their strength; who makes us smile or cry. That makes us feel its sadness or beauty; pain and joy; instability and security, for all of this reasons this is the only feeling that both gives and steals.

     As such, it is necessary to understand how should we navigate through these sinuous waters of emotion and how should we observe it. In a conscious perspective, bringing it up from the horizon and seeing it in its entire splendor… In the crown of love it always emerges the possibility of a dream and of eternal happiness.

     But at the core of the soul remain hidden and drowned conflicting emotions of sorrow, constantly recorded by the mechanisms of time and memory...

     But above all, what is of utmost importance in this emotion is that the Empire of Love can arise as a great source of inspiration!



* * *

   Literary Concept:


“ When we love we have no need to understand what is happening,

because everything is already happening within us.”



“ The true principle of being is the union of at least two human beings.”



“ In love, happiness is an unusual state.”



“ There are days when I die of love;

in others, for being  so unloved, I just die a little more.”



“ The absence extinguishes the small passions and strengthens the big ones.”



“ If you love somebody, let him free. If he comes back, it is because he needed so.

If he doesn't come back... it is also because he needed so...”



“ The course of true love was never smooth.”



“ Love is a fire that burns without being seen…”



“ The heart has its own reasons which the reason itself doesn't know.”



“  The greatness of character isn't: not to experience emotions;

but rather, they are to be considered at the highest degree;

the important issue is to control them, and even though

 having pleasure to model them, in a gold for something more.”



“ It takes great courage to show your dreams to someone else.”



“ All kinds of pleasure or pain experienced, for more spontaneous they can be, are a result of a great complexity.

 In them it is contained: all our life experience and a tremendous amount of value judgments and errors.”



“ Love reveals the sublime and hidden qualities of the one who loves, what is there of exceptional and rare...

but in this respect it easily deceives what is there of common and usual.”



“ Keeping something that might remind you,

would mean to admit that I could forget you.”



“ What kind of inebriate filter have you gave me to drink,

I even forget myself but I cannot forget you.”



“ Some sorrow is a proof of a huge love;

but a lot of sorrow reveals too much lack of spirit.”




                                                                   “ Do not cry, don't sob so hard! ... That your tears are making me crazy...

                                         Don't cry, don't cry... console yourself! I know... I know everything!

                                         However, still speak of love. Look at me (...) turn your eyes to me...

                                         You asked me if I can talk about love.

                                         Knowing what I know, and seeing what I have seen as well.

                                         If that was the question ... this will be the answer...

                                         On my knees to the ground, I answer you now...

                                         I love you ... love you ... love you;

                                         For better, for worse ... in pain, or joy ... I love you!”

                                                                                  EDGAR ALLAN POE



“ Words are sacred when I use them,

 but they are only magical when the other one feels it.”



“At any case, get married.  If it comes to you in luck a god wife, then you will be happy. 

But if it comes to you a bad wife...

you shall become a philosopher, which is excellent for mankind.”